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Submitted on
June 12, 2002
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i am not in pain
because i am
i am in pain
because i am
in love

i am not in pain
because of memories
that ring in my head
of happier days
gone by
i am in pain
because of memories
not created
in my mind
of happier days
yet to come.

where we walk
along our own
beaches and sidewalks
to our own shelter
under sheets
as we tangle in knots
and try (not) to find our way out.

memories yet to come
where we talk
all night
and your voice is music
flowing into my ears
instead of letters
followed by blinking cursor
blinding my eyes.

memories yet to come
where we welcome the same sunrise
in the same time zone
over the same horizon
from the same window.

memories yet to come
where we carry each other
through tragedy
and swim together through

i am not pained
because of terrible lies
or long empty nights
or scars carved
from betrayal
or even worse,

i am pained
because of beautiful truth
and far too short nights
that leave me
only touched by type
instead of your hand.

only looked upon
by nightglow of still-frame
2 dimensional eyes
instead of explored by
the deep brown pools
sitting full in oval casings
framed in falling lashes
as they undulate
'cross the tide
of my smile

and only kissed
by the breeze from
my open window
only silenced
by my own sighs.
til we can both breathe through the same window.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2002-06-16
windowbreath by utro is simply one of the best poems I have read. Beautiful is the only to describe it. Please go read this, now. sent by faithwalker. (Selected by +skyorange) ( Featured by skyOrange )
miserabel Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Very intense emotion, I adore this :)
Tasarz Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2005
Wow, really good! It's nice to read hopelessly romantic poetry.
tragicrabbit Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2003
how do you do this? its beyond me. your words provoke me into thinking and inspire me to write and write until there are no longer any words inside of me. your poetry is amazing. and this is quite how i am feeling at the time.

- brittany
niminitzar Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2003
EXCELLENT!!!!!!! wow... I needed to read that... I was looking for that... I did not know where to look so chose a random poem and I can only say thanks. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!
smogeyesmrsjesus Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2003   Writer
thats picked your words well and i cant really say much else except for i have a friend..and this will make him cry.
limnersphere Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003
From the beginning of the poem we feel the emotional pain presented here. The pining for completion is first felt in the opening stanzas when you draw upon "known" comparisions and then contrast them. Typically we are in pain when we are heartbroken or longing for happy days gone by. It is not typical to describe being in pain because one has hopes for happiness in the future. We stereotypically think of love bringing unboundful joy and happiness bringing us far away from pain. But here you make the comparision and surprise us. We want to read more to find out why, why does this love, this longing bring pain. We follow your simply heartfelt spoken words and discover the longing to become one with another is the nature that bore this pain. A pain many people can relate too on many different levels. This is an excellently crafted poem for its emotional impact on the reader, it's imagery and simple word choice that carries the weight of the emotions.
dougdrums Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2003
God, your poetry is beautiful.
drippingblood Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2002
P.S ohhh during this week or so, expect comments from me in all and everything you have submitted :p (Lick)
drippingblood Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2002
Like kara said.. you amaze me -- its like you just stepped into my brain -- well thats how it feels. how you speak of truth amazes me. you are more then human -- you are superman with a pen and paper that tells the truth so beautifully. how oxymoron it is to be in love but contain so much pain -- i use to think love = happiness and pain = sorrow, when it is the other way around. it feels good at times then everything collaspes. talent talent talent. an amazing person you are, talent alison. you have talent creativity and a heart. not many people have that. im glad i took the time to read this. farewell.

shaunathanblaze Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2002
wow this is soo beautiful
you are going straight on my watch
you express yourself so well
i can totally relate to this i just wrote a piece about the samr kinda thing (forshadowing memories) if ya wanna check it out
it is much more the pain of things that could be and not that of the good memories you have had

you have a wonderful talent
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