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Summer in fire by messtor
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Summer in fire :iconmesstor:messtor 8,540 860
You call, I sail
with clipper-ship speed:
the wind and I drawn by your song -
soft as the gentlest zephyr
[piccolo, flute, Aeolian harp]
and loud as a cumulonimbus crack –
resistance is futile, nor is it desired
On, on towards the lurking deep
where, Davy-Jone'd, the sundered
bones lie scattered: my cutter slices
through the skin of miles and waves,
parts the surf of years and lives,
ever on until the ribbed and rocky reef
claims another wreck, and at last, lifeless,
I fail to hear the plaintive note
imbue your siren song.
Sing on, my Lorelei,
for a time will come upon a time
and a life upon a life
when I will flee the vessel's wreck
and scale your stony walls
and there, my love, with one deep kiss
on your sweet lips
I'll stop your song
And claim my bride
:iconmeic2:meic2 2 5
Soft City Sound
Once upon a time
You and I
Became the smoke in a saxophone song
In a starry still-wet city
In a moment
That didn't quite happen
So much as it was imagined
I sleep and imagine it again
:iconpachunka:Pachunka 23 12
Me and Mr. Pooh
Me and RP got on the last meteor to the planet Lavablob.
A wise choice?
No idea.
Lavablob is called Earth these days by the cool kids; but way back then, Lavablob was all rocks and lava and nowhere to sit.
The meteor-journey was ass-long and the planet looked completely different from the brochure by the time we got there; not to mention the name change.
But it was fun on the way -- we spent most of the trip in frozen stasis. At least we were supposed to.
We would sneak out onto the rock some nights and play tricks.
Frozen passengers have a high tolerance for getting flung overboard.
(It was an accident!)
We figured out how to steer the meteor too,
That probably extended the trip a bit.
The AI robot pilot didn't care. He was robo-drunk half the time. The three of us played a whole lot of cards and sang badly into the spacey night.
Comets and nebulas were our audience; we had a radio-telescope to listen to them applaud.
We made a deal with robo-dude not to have our memories erased like
:iconpachunka:Pachunka 6 8
Goodness Me
If you were rushing to and almost late for the most important meeting of, say, your career
And you saw Jesus on the way,
And he asked you to stop with him to admire and/or bask in the flowers
On some kinda yummy, sunny day..
That'd be weird.
I see you've played Knifey-Spooney before..
If war is bad
And love is good
Where people die
When evil should
And greed resides
Where giving could:
Why does man post
Where life once stood?
Yeah. Like, a flag or whatever. Imperiamism and all that.
Yeah but, post?
Hey, shut up. I don't tell you how to write..
I don't think God would want people to bow to 'im if he approached 'em,
I don't think he's got anything against athiests, coloured folk, gays, remarried folk, or even Microsoft,
I don't think he wants you bitchin' at any of 'em on his behalf,
And I don't think he'd be very good at Pong.
I mean, his hands must be what, a carpark wide?
If you were God.. would you ask say, me, to bow to you? I mean, for k
:iconpachunka:Pachunka 6 16
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notes from above by bl0ck notes from above :iconbl0ck:bl0ck 2 5 BodyForms 1.1 by dougbtn BodyForms 1.1 :icondougbtn:dougbtn 37 33
Mother's memories crackle, crystallise and coalesce
entangled in familiarity and days-end prayer
and flesh out well-known bones of oft told tales
to make a man for me to love
A restless reckless man
who hullaballooed down hairpin-riddled hills
amid the war free carefree days
in a red and rollicking rooster of a car
to the singing swaggering inns of Wales
A loving gentle man
who framed a kiss-me face in miner's hands
while fear-strained peace hopes upped and fled
and tough and tender wooed and wed his willing lass
in cool cathedral mountain ferns
A brave and gallant man
who, smiling, shoulder slung a sailor's sack of hope
in the proud and patriotic duty days
to test his pit man's mettle on the sour and sullen seas,
and save his wife, his Wales, his world.
A tearful frightened man
who woke fear-slimed and shrieking from his dreams
in pitiful shore-leaves meant to heal
and in the sobs of his sick and once-seen son
heard blazing screams in ice-bound seas.
A careless luckless man
:iconmeic2:meic2 1 16
What Would Have Been A Kiss
What Would've Been a Kiss
The moment gasped
then grasped as a piece of flotsam
who snuggles close to a stone, then is seduced
back into the current
Epiphany; and he knew
and she knew.
Every nervous ember flew to lips and face
to gawk and engorge supple tissue,
crowding close to witness implosion.
Every star froze in mid-twinkle
Every moonbeam turned ice
Every hair stood and screamed
Every cell immolated
Every dream fell aside
Every image dissolved
Every grass ceased to whisper
Every tree stopped to pray
Every desire howled forth
Every lust groaned anew
Then the moment passed, one nothing
among many. Life resumed.
:iconmanadrake:manadrake 7 38
Vanilla and Jasmine
Candles burn in vanilla excitement
Water steams in jasmine bliss
We lay together submerged to our necks
Eyes closed and skin fazing into one warm cloak
Her back pressed against my stomach
And my arms wrapped around her knees
Pulled up to her chest to make room
For the both of us to mold to the tub
Children and houses danced in the steam
Dogs and white picket fences
Illuminated the flickering walls
In transparent specters of soon to be wishes
Days grew to months and longer still
Our bathes grew shorter as those pastel visions
Grew mistier still, but not with steam;
Warm layers of hesitation mixed with
The cold drafts of indecision create this new blanket.
The candles burned farther down their wicks
And turned to plaster puddles lying in a ring
Around out nighttime alter. Our oracle haze is gone,
And our water has grown cold.
My skin puckers and takes on a cerulean hue
I become wracked by shivers and quakes
And I can\'t tell if it\'s the arctic water
Or the freezing realization that
:iconkindred:kindred 13 51
and once

and once...

there was a moment there,
when your eyelashes fell in heaps,
upon the fluttering
of your oval shaped howl.

within seconds we were over,
folded into the ecstasy of the past,
and heaving endearments to
catch our breath.

your legs were wrapped
like gifts of tremoring earth,
binding me to the moon
with blood that does not
spill, but flows.

my empty cry spilled into you
the fantasy of being nowhere,
but inside your mouth
made me.

hotter than heaven,
the plot of seduction
betrayed little.

you pursed your lips,
rubbed their slick against
my tired brow,
how we sped up

and how.

[we slowed down.]


and twice...

there was a week there,
when our clothes fell in heaps,
upon the shuddering floor

and within years we were over,
collapsed into the shovels of the future
heaving endearments to another, to
catch up to our lives.

your legs were loose and tired
like dusty twigs
binding us to the soil
with dust that does not sta
:iconramdom:ramdom 43 66


storybook ending
Storybook ending
I turned to the back of our book,
shortcutting life for love,
I thought, hoping I might
bypass the time and distance
that keep me now from you.
I searched for us within the pages
but found too many chapters
just half-started, though still
I found your name,
your face, your figure,
but no way yet for me
to place my hand upon your waist
and turn your face to mine,
so traced the pages
backwards through our story
until I found the roots of us,
still separated by distance,
although not by then by time,
separate for a meager space,
but not by hope, intent, or love -
not even by the sound
of your voice calling me
back to you from where I roamed.
And so we have
a few pages still to turn,
and, yes, some words to write,
but I have seen the happy ending,
soon to come,
to accompany
this happy start.
:iconpartikl:partikl 18 24
G r e e n
How I need green, today of all days,
not black      not red
not white or blue. I need
verdant air, pregnant with green,
lush with spirits of water and sap,
the patterns green leaves
trace on green leaves, as afternoon light
paints shapes from above to below.
I need green
to capture the light, diffuse it in mists
of forest and river, river and vision, green
to lap at my feet,
swallow them in cool water
that soothes my ankles and shins.
                                  I need limbs
and branches of green, green dragonflies
that light on my shoulders
and dizzy me with the spray of their wings.
Today      I need green
cloaking fresh berries,
bursting green flavor into my mouth,
laced with the sunlight,
straight to my spirit, green
pouring forth from the gloaming,
:iconpartikl:partikl 8 26
no one you know
so you're
writing again,
she said,
as if to say,
so you are
drinking again.
anything i can read?
you know i always
want to --
and i am
sorry to say
i laughed
as i said
there is
in those words
about you,
not to mention,
it's all
much too personal
for anyone
i actually know
to read.
:iconpartikl:partikl 3 18
i hate poetry
I hate poetry.
" . . . ya so i quit writing poetry and got drunk for ten years,
and the reason i started writing poems again was because
i looked around and saw piss all . . . it was all shit,
and no one was saying anything at all . . . i just couldn't
sit back any longer. . . ."
                      -- charles bukowski

I hate poetry.
I hate reading it,
I hate hearing it,
I hate visualizing it.
I hate
all of the classics --
they bore me to death,
but I hate modern
and teen poetry, too.
I hate the pretension that surrounds it.
I hate its prescriptive styles
and the formless responses
of poets who think
they're some kind
of insurgents
or rebels.
I hate
any poet who hasn't spent at least
a few days in jail
and who breathes
the name bukowski.
Prison ain't poetry. Neither is booze.
I hate poetry that looks, sounds, smells,
tastes the same, and hate even more
:iconpartikl:partikl 7 24
On a road like this
On a road like this.
I asked
the bus driver
to shut off the lights.
Beyond their fluorescent buzz
was the first hard storm we had
had in a month:
falling temperatures, dropping
barometer, one old woman
who refused to sit,
and a breeze
pushing past
the seal of the window.
It was the mid
point of our trip
and you were speaking
of the future, planning
an interlude in which to decide
our next step,
what way to take
at a crossroad approaching
so vastly ahead of schedule.
I turned my head
left and right
with the wind
telling secrets
to our cheeks and hair
and you erupted, asking
how could I just say
no, at a time,
on a road, like this.
:iconpartikl:partikl 3 11
you have no fear of me you say
you have no fear of me you say
you have no fear of me you say
as we invade
areas forgotten
across months of distance
kiss reddening lips
press mouths to eyes
flush dusty moths of love
from the napes
of each other's necks
pale wings cloud about us
while we sigh
and you clasp me tight
just right
let's be honest you bark
as resentment boils over
you say, i know all about
your trip to chicago
you say, i know everything about
your black tie affair
you say, i know
all there is to know
and this just might be
the end of the line
so driven by spite
and oiled by anger
we devour each other
jaws snapping
as we swallow
and gulp each other down
until we are left
lip to lip
and no way to turn back
you're starting to scare me i say
but don't seek to escape you
as you apply your lipstick
a final time
and lunge at me with a smile
- partikl
:iconpartikl:partikl 4 10
3 17 AM sunday
3:17 a.m. sunday
i sit here counting out rhymes
some sentences
half-born lines
she lies on my bed
spread to her page
three thirty-nine
(like a brother to her,
it is his doom that she love him
only as a friend, as he speaks
in the barbaric tongue of love
and forgets the speech of men)
and i am wondering
can i stand to read this to its end
well -- there are services still at 11:30,
and my wash is done, and
this woman is content
and dreaming very deeply, and
i am lonesome like a book
returned to the wrong library, and
i am just another rose
is a rose is
a rose
caught up in her.
- s fitzgerald, partikl
:iconpartikl:partikl 2 6




Alison Weis
Current Residence: texas
three point five years ago
my marriage fell apart
and i met you.

three point five years ago
you made me a crossword puzzle
themed on our then short-lived time

we locked eyes and i could not--
no matter how i tried
ex-husband-to-be at my side--
look away.

as surely and meticulously as you drew
the squares of the crossword
you drew me in.
as calculated as the clues,
some tricky, some fun, some senseless,
some beautiful-
you became all these things to me.

we were one of those equations
(the ones you love so much)
that could never make sense to me
no matter how long i stared at it,
trying to figure it out.

But like the numbers and the x's and y's
and other unnamed integers
we were there for a reason.

and as math is your religion,
nothing is mine.  and now no one is mine.
three point five years later.  

i failed that course...
again and again.
maybe, perhaps, [possibly?]
you could have been a better


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